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The advantages of Honda Sonic 150 R Latest

Underbone motorcycle competition in Indonesia re-heated after PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) officially launched the new Honda Sonic 150R some time ago that had been brought in to fight the Yamaha MX King 150 and Suzuki Satria F150. Compared with the two competitors, of course, most of Honda Motor Indonesia has various advantages of its own which does not seem to be owned by its competitors.

New Honda Sonic 150 2015 has a look that is very cool and shows the characteristic of young children. For example, in terms of design is quite sleek yet very sturdy thanks to the order that was made more compact. While the sector is the engine feels very fitting for lovers of speed as Sonic Honda 150R using the same runway kitchen belongs to the All New Honda CB150R StreetFire.

New Honda Sonic 150R carrying capacity of 149.16 cc DOHC engine compression 11.3: 1, which can generate power at 16 PS at 9,000 rpm rotation and torque of 13.5 Nm at 6,000 rpm. The presence of the engine support make this rooster motor acceleration feels very agile and lightweight making it easier for the rider to show his best performance.

The impression of motor racing evident in the look of Honda Sonic 150R considering the position of the steering handlebars are more bendable but still feels comfortable when held. Also in the sector also made softer suspension because it supported the telescopic type for the front and monoshock pro-link system in the rear sector.

As motorcycle sport a more modern look main course, on the dashboard had pinned a fully digital instrument with a design that resembles the Honda CB150R displays also information about speed, fuel, gear position gear and other indicators.

Switch to design matters All New Honda Sonic 150R is unquestionable because it has a classy look mainly at the front, cool headlamp with LED technology pinned in the headlights would create even brighter lighting, while the position of the turn signal is located at the end of the headlight.

Because it is designed as a high-speed motor on the machine equipped with the Honda Sonic 150R Liquid Cooled technology with the air conditioner will automatically turn on if the temperature of the heat reaches a predetermined threshold. This motor will not overheat even though through or terrain with scorching conditions though.

AHM is targeting sales of 11 thousand units per month with the main target is the young age because of the design and also the character of the New Honda Sonic 150R did lead to the student until the student. Meanwhile to the price itself Honda Indonesia membanderolnya at a price of Rp 20.9 also on the road Jakarta.

Johannes Loman as the Executive Vice President AHM said Honda Sonic 150R is designed specifically for consumers in Indonesia and certainly much different than the Thai version. Meanwhile Margono Tanuwijaya who served as Marketing Director of PT AHM said the target of Sonic 150R Honda is 11 thousand units per month and he feels optimistic to reach that number given the market underbone motorcycle 150 cc class is relatively new in Indonesia.

We'll see whether the future Sonic Honda 150R is able to get rid of power Suzuki Satria F150 which has long dominated the motorcycle segment rooster in homeland