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February 2015 Yamaha NMAX can you drive

Scooter 150 cc class competition in certain national markets will be increasingly fierce. Honda PCX 150 received through the figure comparable opponent NMAX Yamaha Yamaha Indonesia which will be launched in February 2015.

Yamaha NMAX is the newest member of the family suktik previously existing MAX Xmax 400 cc, 250 cc and 125 cc and the highest version of the TMAX 530 cc.

This scooter is built on the concept of "Global Prestige City Commuter" and DNA MAX offers a stylish and sporty yet practical handling while driving.

The surprising thing of this new scooter is a matter of price. If Honda PCX 150 priced Rp39,8 million, Yamaha NMAX just pegged Rp27.4 million On the Roal Jakarta. Similarly, as quoted from the official site of Yamaha, Monday (26/01/2015).

harga yamaha nmax
Price ranges far enough it could be because the Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) as the sole agent in Indonesia designated Yamaha Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. to produce this scooter in the country.

Unlike the PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) who choose to bring PCX 150 intact from Vietnam.

Principals also targeting sales in Indonesia reached 12 thousand units in its first year. Besides marketed in Indonesia, Yamaha Indonesia will also export to several countries in the region NMAX ASEAN and other markets.