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Specifications and Price Suzuki Satria FU 150

Suzuki Satria FU 150 is one of the motors that are very popular today's teenagers. Motorcycle made by Suzuki that carries this true sporty design is the development of a series predecessor, the Suzuki Satria. Major changes were made mainly of 2-stroke to 4 no.

Present in the market with sleek and sporty look, Suzuki Satria Fu has dimension length 1940 mm, width 652 mm, height 941 mm and has a weight of 95 kg.

In the performance, Satria FU carrying capacity of 147.3 cc, 4-stroke, 4 valve SACS, DOHC equipped with air-cooled systems, and has a 6-speed transmission. As a result, the combination of which is capable of stomping mantab power up to 16 PS at 9500 rpm and maximum torque is for 1.27 kg m at 8500 rpm.

harga Suzuki Satria FU

Cool design, as well as a charming acceleration, making Suzuki Satria favored so the price is quite stable. Based pantuan TeknoFlas team, Saturday (01/11/2014), the latest Suzuki Satria FU sold at prices starting at USD 18-20 million, depending on the variant. Here are details of the price:

New price:

     Suzuki Satria FU USD 18.9 million
     Suzuki Satria FU Black Fire USD 19.3 million
     Suzuki Satria FU Facelift USD 19.3 million
     Suzuki Satria FU Fighter USD 19.8 million
     Suzuki Satria FU Black Predator USD 20.2 million

Price Used:

Prices of used Suzuki Satria Fu 2011 is approximately USD 15.5 million.

How, if you are interested in purchasing one of Suzuki Satria FU above?