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Yamaha V-Ixion Old Still Produced

The king of motor sport, Yamaha Vixion already has a new model that was released a few years ago, but it turns out that the old V-Ixion still liked people and produced a Yamaha!

"In the past we had setop, was in the area is still a lot of demand," said Assistant General Manager of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing M Masykur when visiting the office AFP on Thursday

The second reason that led to the V-Ixion older models are still manufactured Yamaha Masykur expressed quite unique. "(Reason) both little people like me riding the V-Ixion new V-Ixion wants too big a long, finally yes've we naikkin production," he said with a laugh.

harga yamaha vixion

That means, further Masykur, demand for older models still exist. V-Ixion old and new is not much difference in price, around Rp 800,000 to Rp 1 million.

Probe Data AISI, during the 2014's, the old model of the V-Ixion who have been sent to various areas reached 20 612 units.

Requests for re-produce models that have not produced it often appears. When Yamaha produces F1ZR Marlboro edition some years ago, after not produced, it is still much to ask